Free Photoshop Actions: 1/4- and 3/4-Tone Masks

Inspired by the great work of Tony Kuyper and Mark Lindsay plus the video tutorials by Sean Bagshaw, I’ve just posted this 14-minute tutorial on how to use my new free Photoshop actions to enhance the 1/4- and 3/4-tone portions of your images.

Download the free Photoshop Actions.


16 thoughts on “Free Photoshop Actions: 1/4- and 3/4-Tone Masks

  1. Chari Ross

    Great collection of actions! By the way, I hand-pick the best free Photoshop Actions from all over the web, from all different developers, and sort them into categories on my website!

    I’ll be adding some of these Actions to my website, Have a browse through our collection of: Free Photoshop Actions

    Cheers and happy Photoshopping!!

  2. andrew gallucci

    Hey Doug,

    Did you do the second part of the luminance tutorial?? In the comments from 2013, you said you were working on it but here is “part of it.”
    Just wondering if its somewhere on your site, Im getting in to some advanced editing for Real Estate and this has been a help.


    1. Doug Kaye Post author

      Hi, Andrew. I ended up collaborating with Tony Kuyper and since his writeups are so much more thorough than mine, I suggest you check them out. Go to Tony’s website (see links in the main blog post). Tony has terrific write-ups on creating luminosity masks.

  3. Danny Raphael

    Very unique set of actions, limiting scope to 1/4 and 3/4 tones. Brilliant execution. I am enjoying the challenge of reverse engineering them for learning purposes. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.

    1. Danny Raphael

      I’m finding quite a bit of info on generating the light and dark masks via layer intersection and inverting “light” alpha channels to create their “dark” counter-parts. No luck so far on selection “math” to generate 1/4 and 3/4 tones. Any help appreciated. Thanks…

      1. Doug Kaye Post author

        Hi, Danny. The best thing to do is to go to Tony Kuyper’s website (see links in the main blog post). Tony has terrific write-ups on creating luminosity masks. And Tony’s panel now includes 1/4 and 3/4-tone masks that are better than mine.

      2. Andy Body

        Danny… What are you asking about when you say Math? Based on more specific luminance values? I have my own method that breaks the image down into specific luminance zones. The number of zones and tonal range within those zones is virtually limitless using this method. Makes it more specific than Tony’s intersect method which basically takes half of the luminance values of the previous channel. Does this sound like what you are trying to do? If so, let me know how to contact you.

  4. Pamela

    Thank you for the clear description of the these actions Doug and what they do. In the video you mention you might tweak them some more, I was wondering if you have done so at this time. :)

  5. Rachael

    Hi Doug – I’m excited to use these, but when I “play” the action the first thing that happens is it asks me to “save selection”. I’m not really familiar with using actions, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I am using PS CC. Thank you!

  6. Gary Kueppers

    I can’t seem to get the free action to download. I get a window of the data instead. Is there something special I need to do to get the action in a file?

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